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AgriCharts Professional

AgriCharts Professional Delayed is a FREE DESKTOP APPLICATION designed for futures and equity traders, brokers, and market participants seeking an advanced market data platform. It is also the perfect trading solution for the Ag trader looking for quotes, charts, technical analysis and more.

With AgriCharts Professional Delayed, you get data from all exchanges delayed according to each exchange's rules.

AgriCharts Professional Delayed Features
Multiple Workspaces: Create an unlimited number of workspaces, and customize them by placing charts, quotes, news, and other content. Your workspaces are saved with all your custom settings for easy viewing each time you visit. View Example
Quote and Option Quote Boards: View flexible quoteboards that are easily customized to include the symbols and price elements you need. Use the quoteboard preferences to make changes in they way these quotes are displayed. Display quotes in grid or databox view. Data is refreshed every 30 seconds. View Example
Fully Customizable Quotes: Create custom quoteboards: set your color and column preferences, fonts and font sizes. Each time you open Professional, your quotes are retrieved automatically. View Example
Streaming Options on Futures: View streaming options on any futures contract. View Example
Customizable, Streaming Java Charts: Choose from 59 studies built on this powerful charting software. The charting system allows you to customize colors, sizes, window placement, studies, and add trendlines including gann and fibonacci, andrew's pitchfork, and speed resistance. View Example
Watchlist: Professional allows you to configure a "watchlist", designed to keep you informed on your most frequently used symbols. The watchlist can be docked on the top or sides of your workspace, or easily hidden if you so desire. You can also quickly launch a quote from any symbol on this watch list. View Example
Market Depth: Market Depth provides the top of the book: bid prices, bid sizes, ask prices and ask sizes as supplied by the exchange. View Example
Time & Sales: View each tick as it happens with streaming, real-time time and sales. View Example
Market Overview Sheets: View lead contracts for different market segments: grains day session, grains night session, currencies day session, currencies night session, energies, financials day session, financials night session, indices, meats, metals and softs. View Example
Real-time Spread Matrix: View all futures contracts for a given commodity, or build your own custom spread matrix that updates in real-time. Determine the price differential, cost of carry, and more by seeing the spread values displayed in a convenient matrix display. View Example
Exchange-traded Spreads: Easy access to exchange-traded spreads. View by exchange or by market group. View Example
Spread Charts: Display spread charts such as crack, crush and other common spreads. View Example
Projections, Performance, Opinions and Technicals: Get in-depth analysis of a commodity or stock. Up to 2 years of historical data is run through thirteen different technical indicators. The results are assigned a buy, sell or hold value for each study, depending on where the price lies in reference to the common interpretation of the study. View Example
Download Data: Download historical data to your computer -- save tick, minute, daily, weekly or monthly data in multiple formats. View Example
Weather: Display local and regional weather conditions and forecasts provided by Freese-Notis Weather (www.Weather.Net). Also view animated radar maps for all us regions. View Example
Alerts: Get visual alerts when a futures contract or equities symbol's last tick, day's high, last bid (or numerous other fields) reaches your pre-defined value. View Example
Easy to use Interface: Fast keyboard and mouse access allow you to hone in on particular charts, end of days prices, and options prices.  

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After downloading the software, login using the icon on your desktop.